Princes of the Apocalypse

Moving Stones and Delegates

Things are getting worse

The company moves through the next door, only to find an old man cowering and begging to be spared. He tells them much the same that the young boy did, giving them very little in the way of new information. The heroes let him go and then they enter the Chamber of Moving Stones. The chamber is much as promised – with large stones and pillars everywhere. From behind one, steps Larrakh, the priest who seems to have corrupted the Believers. He laughs and tells them about how easy it was to manipulate the Believers, especially once he discovered how the stones move. The heroes are standing in his way of having Red Larch in the palm of his hand.


A fight ensues, but even with the stones to shield him, Larrakh doesn’t make it out alive. D’ari finds a secret door and when they follow the path, they find that it comes out behind the wagonworks store. A quick walk back to the sinkhole finds the town elder’s speaking with the constable, Harburk. The constable hears what the heroes have to say and decides it’s time to investigate the hole, before the town elders have a chance to cover anything up.

The next morning, the town is full of gossip. Corpses were found, and murder charges have been brought forth. The whole town has been turned upside down. Our intrepid heroes find this to be an opportune time to go and investigate the rumors of a haunted tomb just outside of town.

The ‘haunted’ tomb turns out to be an actual specter, whom they get rid of. They rob the grave of its unneeded treasures and then step out, only to be ambushed by an orc and a goblin. But with so much fighting under their belt, these two creatures prove to be very little problem. The party walks back to town, a little richer.

Back in town, the faction contacts are quick to contact each of them with urgent news. It seems a delegation from Mirabar has gone missing along the road to Summit Hall. Each faction has various reasons for being interested in this – but it’s clear that the missing delegation needs to be found, and fast.

Kaylessa hears them speaking about the matter at the inn and helpfully points out that a nearby shepherd was in town, boasting about finding some fresh, shallow graves near his fields. The heroes are quick to seek him out and question him. He helpfully walks them to his fields and Bilkka digs up the graves. Lo and behold, they find within two dead Mirabar guards, a dead man wearing stony armor, and a dead female wearing a feathered cloak. Larmon, the shepherd, mentions that feathered cloak wearing person looks like a Feathergale Knight. In the fading light of dusk, he points north towards a large tower 10 miles away that can be seen on the horizon.



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