Princes of the Apocalypse

Rivergard Keep - Part 2

When pirate wereboars attack!

Hiding on the other side of the secret door, the party hears the man on the other side barking orders, and after a moment, they hear him leave the room and things fall quiet. D’ari slides the door open a crack and peeks out, spotting two guards who aren’t really paying attention. Merric wiggles his way through everyone’s legs and pops up into the room rather noisily, snapping both of the guards’ attention his way. Luckily, he is able to bluff his way into belonging in the Keep.

Sensing a distraction, D’ari flies into the room, sliding on her knee and throwing a fire chromatic orb at one of the guards, setting him on fire. A fight immediately breaks out and the two guards go down. Unfortunately, more guards spill out of a bunk room on the second floor. The fight is taken to the balcony there.

With dead bodies scattered about the room, our heroes feel a bit safe, at least until Idallo opens a door and comes face to face with a magic user and a hairy, angry looking man who both attack. The attack is vicious, moving from the room to the balcony as the man suddenly transforms into a massive wereboar. In the end, he is flung from the balcony, landing on the desk below.

Searching about, the party finds all sorts of interesting treasure and also a note detailing “trouble makers” in Red Larch that match their description. Idallo slips downstairs and presses his ear to yet another door. He hears frightened voices on the other side. . .



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