Princes of the Apocalypse

The Feathergale Spire

Even villians can be charming


The heroes make their way up a small trail that leads to the top of the canyon, and to the entrance to the Spire. They ring a bell and are admitted across a drawbridge. When they enter the spire, Tara is immediately recognized by an old friend, named Savra, who immediately welcomes her and the others. The Feathergale Society is having a feast tonight and they are more than welcome to join!

The heroes meet the commander of the knights, a man named Thurl Merosska, who invites them to stay, explore the spire, and join them for the feast. Tara, Idallo, and Bilkka all take him up on the offer with the latter of the two heading straight for the kitchens. D’ari and Meric have other plans. They slip away and begin to make a full sweep of the tower, slipping past knights, and bluffing their way into places they shouldn’t be.

In Merosska’s rooms, they find a note from someone named “Aerisi” that explains that the Feathergale Society is indeed responsible for the capture of at least one of the delegates. They also find quite a bit of coin in the various personal chambers, which they split between themselves.

At the feast, Idallo tells the Feathergales all about their adventure so far, leaving very few details out. The end of his tale is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a Manticore. The knights hop on vultures, and the party hops on borrowed hippogriffs. The hunt is on! It is our intrepid heroes that find the manticore first, and after an aerial battle, Merric lands the killing blow. At the spire, he is rewarded with Thurl Merroska’s ring as a prize.

Pleased with them, Merroska tells them that the Black Earth Clan, located at the Sacred Stone Monastery, is responsible for the disappearance of the delegation (though the note they found negates this information somewhat) and that is where they can find the missing Mirabarians.

Savra confides in the heroes that the Feathergale Society is actually a front for the Cult of Howling Hatred – the worshipers of Elemental Air, and the Prince of Evil Air – an ancient being that will rise up and punish the evil doers of Waterdeep. She also lets slip that there is an entrance to a deeper temple somewhere in the valley that leads to where Aerisi, their prophet and queen, might be.

Worried that their prisoner is being kept in one of the guarded rooms, Merric spider climbs his way along the outside of the spire to peek into windows. He uncovers that nothing is amiss in the spire, but is unfortunately spotted by one of the Knights atop the spire. The heroes are briskly escorted from the Spire and the drawbridge is drawn up.

With their access to the spire revoked, and with the knowledge that no missing delegates are there, the party decides to press on to Riverguard Keep.



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