Princes of the Apocalypse

The Lord of Lance Rock

In which they encounter a mad man...

The heroes fought their way past the gruesome circus of zombies. They found themselves in a large chamber in what looked to be the playroom of a necromancer. There were body parts in baskets and corpses laid out on slabs. A zombie and several crawling claws tried to bar their entrance but the heroes were able to slay them quickly.

Near the back of the room, a man who claimed to be the “Lord of Lance Rock” offered to let them go free, as long as they left. D’ari, who had grown tired of his ravings, sent an arrow his way. The skeleton guards immediately jumped to defend their lord, and the necromancer took off deeper into the cave, wailing in fear and pain. When the skeletons lay in crumbles around them, the heroes were quick to follow.

They found the “lord” cowering in the corner and the strange visage of an eye floating above an orb. One look at the eye sent Idallo nearly fainting and weak at the knees as all the visions of elemental evil came flooding back into him. All the while, the Lord of Lance Rock ranted and raved.

D’ari decided to put an end to his raving once and for all and she shot another arrow at him. All at once, the necromancer unleashed magic that they hadn’t realized he possessed. A shadowy hand sucked the life straight out of D’ari, leaving her bleeding and unconscious on the ground. Her friends were quick to come to her rescue. Idallo, fearing the visage of the eye, threw the orb to the ground, nearly shattering it. Tara went down as the necromancer used magic to slip away from the cleric and the monk, and unleashed magic missiles on her. But in the end, the heroes prevailed and the Lord of Lance Rock was put out of his misery.

They took a moment to rest, and to bandage their wounded. Merric took great interest in the orb and discovered that it was a rather innocent driftglobe. It was pure luck that the monk had not entirely shattered it. Even still, the poor driftglobe had been damaged. Its light flickered a bit and it seemed to list to one side as it floated after it’s new owner, Idallo.

With the danger taken care of, the party headed back to Red Larch. Idallo made his way to the bathhouse. D’ari and Merric settled at a table at the inn. Bilkka went to search for food. Tara spent some time getting to know her Lord’s Alliance contact (and browse their subpar selection of clothing). It seemed as if it would be a quiet afternoon spent recuperating. But a sudden tremor of the earth, and the sounds of screams shattered the stillness of the afternoon…



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